about us

We are a group of MIT students who come from the Republic of China (Taiwan). Our mission is to connect and care for Taiwanese students, researchers, faculties, and their family, both at MIT and in greater Boston area.

As an MIT-sponsored student-run organization, the Republic of China Student Association (ROCSA) holds a wide variety of events year-round, including group outings, festival celebrations, sports activities, and career panels. We hope to create a friendly community for people to get to know each other, and to introduce our culture to those around us.

We also understand, by experience, that studying here at the opposite side of the globe can be challenging. Therefore, we are eager to come alongside new students by providing practical assistance, such as pre-departure workshops and housing arrangements, throughout the process of relocation.

Interested in Taiwanese culture? Need help moving over? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or requests, and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

We are also looking for sponsors. Please contact us if you are willing to support MIT ROCSA/TSA!

officers 2018/2019

Li-Wen Wang / HST

Harry Hsu / EECS

Schrasing Tong / EECS

general affairs
Ting-An Lin / EECS

activities organizer
Yu-An Chung / EECS

Wei-Hung Weng / EECS

Yen-Ting Wang / ChemE

Liang-Hsun Chen / ChemE

Guang-He Lee / EECS